oitnb season 2 piper chapman.

make me choose
↳ taystee or poussey (asked by mybodywakesup)

maura: *gets matching marathon outfits*
maura: *lets angela live in her guest house indefinitely*
maura: *brings jane as her +1 to every social function*
maura: *books spa days and private couples' massage*
maura: *brings home hers & hers lube*
maura: *buys engagement ring and plans honeymoon*
maura: *finances IVF so the 20 babies she carries can look like jane*
maura: *gives the actual red sox to jane as a retirement gift*
maura: *buys adjoining cemetery plots*
viewers: what a nice platonic friend

Happy 43rd Birthday, Sandra!


Alex + being domestic and cute as hell